I’m a tech enthusiast who proudly spent my first paycheck on a mobile phone and a prepaid SIM card. Over a decade later, I’m still throwing all my money at mobile technology, much to the chagrin of my wife.

My journey includes working as an associate editor at Ubergizmo, being the IT guy, and helping in family business. I’ve since co-founded Rubycoded with Jenxi to work on projects.

Why I blog

I’m not an avid blogger, but more often that not, I find myself blogging because I’ve been asked the same question by several people and have realised that my answer is the same every time.

Depending on the context, the answer might not always fit, but I’ll do my best to keep the answer generic enough that it can be reused. My early experiences are programming might actually play a part in such habits, but I find it beneficial.

I also happen to enjoy writing, so there is that too.

I hope you enjoy what I write.

PS: You can find a list of the podcasts I’m actively listening to here.