Amazing support from Jaybird



I helped a friend purchase some Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth earphones recently on Amazon and had it shipped to Malaysia. Unfortunately they stopped working not too long after. I don’t mind stuff breaking down, since there always is the possibility of a manufacturing defect. The issue in this case is that companies usually don’t support customers who are overseas. If I had to ship the item back to the USA and pay for shipping back to Malaysia, that’s usually too expensive for me. In the end, I figured I’d best try my luck and contacted the live support at Jaybird.

Long story short, they didn’t quibble at all, and after verifying that I actually have the item to avoid fraud cases, are willing to ship a replacement unit to me in Malaysia free of charge, and I don’t even need to waste money shipping the broken unit back to them.

That’s just amazing support. If you’re living in the USA, it might not sound like a big deal, but if you’re living in Malaysia, you’ll know that most distributors/manufacturers almost never honour their warranties and come up with all sorts of silly reasons to wiggle out of replacing a faulty product.

If and when my current earphones do kick the bucket, I’m getting a pair from Jaybird. They deserve it.


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