Author: matt

  • Notion


    I first created my Notion account roughly two years ago, but at the time, I wasn’t quite sure how to use it. I had heard great things about the tool, but I wasn’t sure how it fit into my workflow. However, about six months ago, I decided to give Notion another try and I’ve been […]

  • Reading


    When the topic of reading books is brought up, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the activity of studying or learning. While it’s true that you learn a lot from reading books, but that’s not the only use of it. These are the other important things I gain from reading. Alignment As […]

  • Write Often

    There are many reasons why I don’t post updates here more often. Sometimes it’s because I prefer long form writing and procrastinate when it’s time to write, other times it’s because I’m lazy. But as we’re reaching the midpoint of 2020, and the world is being turned upside down due to COVID-19, perhaps it’s time […]

  • MacBook Recommendation: Q2 2020

    Earlier this month, Apple updated its 13-inch MacBook Pro, and while there weren’t too many changes under the hood, there were some significant improvements that I felt would be great to take note of. This also isn’t meant to be a detailed review, for that, you may check out some decent reviews at: The Verge […]

  • MacBook Recommendation: Q1 2020

    It’s been roughly a year since I last wrote about a portable macOS computer, but considering that Apple just announced an updated MacBook Air, the timing is right to update my recommendation. Context My views here are based on the daily usage of a regular office person. This means email, browsing, music, file management, and […]