• Installing FreeBSD

    Installing FreeBSD

    One of the biggest hurdles I always had to learning and installing FreeBSD or Linux was getting it installed. Though it’s much easier nowadays. As a reference point, the last time I installed and used Linux as my main operating system was back in 2006 with Ubuntu 6.06. Many things have changed since then. This…

  • Disable autocorrect in Notes on macOS Sonoma

    Disable autocorrect in Notes on macOS Sonoma

    Quick answer: Disable it in the Notes app via edit->Spelling and Grammar. While I’m satisfied with the state of autocorrect in iOS, I never want to have autocorrect enabled on macOS, because I’m using a full-sized keyboard. Throw in the fact that as a Malaysian, I tend to mix multiple languages into a single sentence…

  • Remote Work Malaysia

    Remote Work Malaysia

    Remote Work Malaysia was founded in May of 2023, and I’ve been engaged in the community ever since. One thing I’ve always enjoyed was organising information, so I wanted to organise some of the useful information for this group, hopefully for the benefit of everybody out there. As it stands, this post is a collection…