Tablet buying tips

When someone asks me which tablet they should buy, there are few questions that I usually ask in order to help determine what they should buy. I’m going to run through them here with the hope that it helps you decide what to buy. A few things to note: This is my personal view of… Continue reading Tablet buying tips

On the iPhone 6 Plus

Oh boy. While I’m doing my best to focus on minimalism, there is a huge temptation that just landed, and I mean literally huge. Yes, I’m talking about the iPhone 6 Plus. I hate being the hypocrite, but phones have always been my main weakness. Since selling my iPhone 5S, I’m rocking a beat up… Continue reading On the iPhone 6 Plus

iCloud sync is still way too slow

I recently switched my calendars, contacts, notes, and to-do list back to iCloud. My original set up was: Calendars: Google Contacts: Google Notes: Simplenote To-do list: Wunderlist After the switch it looked like this: Calendars: iCloud Contacts: iCloud Notes: iCloud To-do list: iCloud After about a week of this, I’ve made the following observations: I’m… Continue reading iCloud sync is still way too slow