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  • On Evernote alternatives

    A while back I wrote a post on how I use Evernote. A few days ago, Evernote announced a pretty significant price/plan change. To overly simplify the changes, you’re basically encouraged to upgrade to a paid plan, which now costs more as well. I don’t have any objection to paid plans, after all, they need […]

  • On Evernote’s recent troubles

    I’ve used and loved Evernote for a long time. However over the past year, I’ve been making many attempts to migrate away from it. It’s not exactly one specific reason/issue that is causing me to move away, but many little quirks that give you the feeling of death by a thousand cuts. Sadly they’ve also […]

  • How To Renovate Your House With Evernote – Part 1

    How To Renovate Your House With Evernote – Part 1

    My fiancée and I recently purchased a house, so we’re about to embark on the project of renovating it and getting it ready to ensure that we have something to move in to when we get married next year. I previously did a post on how I use Evernote in my daily life, but I […]

  • Speaking for Evernote at DiGi

    I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by Tiang from Evernote Singapore to be one of three people to give a brief presentation on how we use Evernote for different aspects of our life. I was quite to happy to do a topic on productivity with Evernote as that’s mainly what I use Evernote […]

  • How To: Unable to send to Evernote from Pocket after a password reset

    If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you already know of the recent situation where Evernote required all users to reset their passwords. While it was a minor inconvenience to change my password and reconnect all my Evernote services, I soon discovered a more irritating side effect: All my third-party apps that accessed […]