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DocScanner For iOS: My Portable Scanner

I love scanning stuff

I’m a big fan of scanning things in order to reduce clutter. Some might argue that I’m merely converting physical clutter into digital clutter, but that’s a debate for another day. I’ve tried various methods to always have a portable scanner with me, including getting a non-branded version of the IRIScan Book 2. In the end, I always settled with using my iPhone’s camera for taking quick photos of stuff, and keeping the documents that needed to be scanned by an actual scanner until I got to my fiancée’s house, which had a Canon MX 426 multifunction printer.

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How I Use Evernote

I’m a bit of an Evernote junkie, so a lot of my friends tend to ask me how I use Evernote. I’ll be the first to admit, aside from using it as a digital memo pad, the uses of it aren’t obvious from the get go. It was only after experimenting with different methods and reading how different people used it that I started to use Evernote more.

I always stress that there isn’t one specific way to use Evernote, but I just wanted to list out some of the ways that I use it, which might be insightful to some, and more importantly help me answer the question of how I use Evernote when it’s posed to me.

So, in no particular order, here are the various ways I use Evernote:

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Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine arrives in Malaysia

A couple of months ago, Evernote announced its partnership with Moleskine, giving birth to the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine. While you’d think that the goal of a service such as Evernote would be to make paper obsolete, they actually compliment each other pretty well. One thing that surprised me is that the notebook actually made it all the way to Malaysia, a pleasant surprise indeed.

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Evernote 5 for iOS: First Impressions

Evernote 5
It was only about a week ago that Evernote teased an update to Evernote for iOS, with a new interface being one of the main features. Now Evernote 5 is finally here, and I took it for a spin. Here are my initial impressions after fiddling with it for less than a day.