Category: Minimalism

  • Let’s not play that game

    We don’t have to believe that Apple will make our lives better, cooler, more beautiful. We don’t have to watch the Harry Potter movie (the last one was kinda lame) or every blockbuster that comes out. We don’t have to believe that Victoria’s Secret and H&M will make us sexier, or that we need Lululemon […]

  • Ask this question before buying anything

    I’ve always been trying to formulate a good question to ask myself before I buy anything. While I usually ask myself “do I really need this?” I don’t always do the right thing, but it does help me be more deliberate about what I purchase. Recently Joshua Becker posted what I feel is a much […]

  • The story of the Mexican fisherman

    This is a story that I read in a book somewhere. I can’t recall which book it was, but it’s a story that has stuck with me. I managed to find a version of it at Be More With Less, which I’ve reposted below. The story of the Mexican fisherman An American investment banker was […]

  • Ordered a GoRuck GR Echo backpack

    This definitely isn’t something healthy, but I’ve been checking out various bags recently. I lusted a long time over the Cote & Ciel Isar Rucksack, and finally bought one recently. It’s a great bag and I love it, but I’ve also been getting an itch for something a little smaller that I can carry around […]

  • Slow down

    Slow down

    Being in Fast Mode leads to constant switching, and constant busy-ness. It leads to overwork, because when do you switch it off? It leads to exhaustion, because we never give ourselves breathing room. Learn to recognize when you’re in Fast Mode, and practice switching to Slow Mode now and then. It’s essential to doing all […]