Things app

I’m a sucker for productivity apps, but one app that has been highly recommended by many folks that I haven’t tried is Things, mainly due to the price. The good news is that the iPhone and iPad versions of Things is free for Black Friday, and the Mac App version has a 30% discount until… Continue reading Things app

Tablet buying tips

When someone asks me which tablet they should buy, there are few questions that I usually ask in order to help determine what they should buy. I’m going to run through them here with the hope that it helps you decide what to buy. A few things to note: This is my personal view of… Continue reading Tablet buying tips

I use 12VPN and VPN.AC in China

I originally wrote a very lengthy post about comparing various VPNs that I tried in China, but after some deliberation, I don’t see the point of writing a lengthy post just for the sake of being long winded. I’m going to keep things short here and nix the back story. The bottom line is that… Continue reading I use 12VPN and VPN.AC in China

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