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  • On Evernote alternatives

    A while back I wrote a post on how I use Evernote. A few days ago, Evernote announced a pretty significant price/plan change. To overly simplify the changes, you’re basically encouraged to upgrade to a paid plan, which now costs more as well. I don’t have any objection to paid plans, after all, they need […]

  • The earth would probably be better off without humans

    This indicates to researchers that chronic exposure to radiation from the explosion has had no impact on overall mammal populations. Whatever fallout may have come from the initial explosion was completely offset by the benefits of life without humans. via In eerie emptiness of Chernobyl’s towns, wildlife flourishing Call me super villan crazy, but I […]

  • On being a Jack of All Trades

    Stumbling upon an article from Tim Ferris on being a Jack of All Trades, reminded me about my decision to become a generalist a few years back. I can’t quite recall whether it was after reading a Robert Kiyosaki book, or the 4-hour Work Week, or something else, but I did make the decision, and […]

  • The story of the Mexican fisherman

    This is a story that I read in a book somewhere. I can’t recall which book it was, but it’s a story that has stuck with me, and understanding it just makes me want to scream in frustration even more in this jail cell of modern society. I managed to find a version of it […]

  • Our mobile addiction

    via ParisLemon Unfortunately this is how most modern families are nowadays. We need to learn to disconnect ourselves from our gadgets and distractions.