On being a dick

Nobody likes having a dick hang around them, but all too often we don’t realise that we’re actually being the dick in the group. I’m not sure if the reminder will stick, but it is timely. As I go through my own personal challenges, I’m increasingly being a dick to my wife and basically everyone around me.

Ben Brooks wrote a great piece about The Infamous Nature of Being a Dick.

I became known as a dick because I had lost my patience in truly thinking through and considering what I meant when I would write: “this looks like shit”. That’s not who I am, or how I think, but that is very much who I came across as to those that read this site.

Unfortunately “this looks like shit” is something that I’ve literally been saying regularly of late. Something I need to be more conscious about.

The added bonus of this post is that Jenxi’s latest post about writing longhand reminded me that I need to constantly write on paper in order to improve my cursive writing. I remember reading a blog post from a blogger who wrote his post on paper before posting. It’s a great read, and I’ll update this post if I ever find that article again. (Update: Found it!) So I decided that’s what I’d do for this post. This post was written in my daily journal (page 1 & 2) before copying it online. Hopefully this adds a little something to the writing and will help me improve.


Don’t worry about perfection

Well said.


Perception of life


Conventional education would say that this isn’t true, but what do we know? If it’s one thing I’m sure, it’s that human beings know a lot less than they think.

Books Thoughts

Be the change you want to see

Every now and then I read a post by Brian Gardner and he recently blogged about how received a Twitter reply from Sarah McLachlan

Be the change you want to see in the world.

It turns out there is no reliable documentary evidence for who originally said it, but it’s supposedly a derivative of words Mahatma Gandhi once spoke.

Regardless of its origin, I find a tremendous amount of truth within those words. They are encouraging, and challenging, in the same breath.

When you see something you don’t like, or that needs to be fixed, be that change.

Don’t sit around waiting for somebody else to do the work that you want to see. It’s possible you might be waiting a very long time, if not forever.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this quote, but it’s definitely a very powerful quote, and one that I should remind myself of more often.

For my part, I took some baby steps some years back to implement a small action based on this philosophy. One of the core values that I always stress is that of integrity. As a result, I’m always incredibly frustrated at what we Malaysians call “Malaysian timing”, or globally known as being “fashionably late”. It’s a tiny act, but I always do my best to ensure that I’m always on time, regardless of whether I know the other party is going to be late or not. It might not matter to the other party that I’m stupidly on time, but every time I do it, it helps me reaffirm my belief and integrity to myself. It’s a silly thing to do in Malaysia, but it’s something I want to take a stand on anyways. I’ve still ended up being late from time to time, but I’m constantly improving and fine tuning my process, and that’s what matters.

On on unrelated note, I’ve just purchased a book that he recommended on that post. I was tempted to buy it a while back but didn’t go it, this time I’ve taken the plunge. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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Pen and paper