Childhood Snacks

Have you ever been so in love with some snack when you we’re a kid?

You’d bug your parents to buy it whenever you could, and you’d buy it whenever you had money.

And then someday, because your parents deemed it unhealthy or it wasn’t being sold anymore, it disappeared from your life.

You searched high and low, far and wide. You did everything you could back then, underage, without a credit card, and the Internet.

Then someday, after you’ve grown up, you discover it. Sitting there, on a shelf in a store, almost as if the past never happened.

Overjoyed,armed with a credit card, no parents in sight, you buy it, and a few more.

Getting home, You sit down, looking at the packaging, rolling back the years, tear open the snack, take a bite, and…

…it sucks!

Goodbye old friend. Age now separates us. While I now have the money and means for us to be together, you and I will just be a fond memory of the past.


By matt

A tech enthusiast who spent his first paycheck ever on a mobile phone. Over a decade later, he's still throwing all his money at mobile technology, much to the chagrin of his wife.


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