Design Updates: 2020


It’s that time when I start to think about changing the layout and direction of this blog.

As with life, I believe this blog should always be evolving as I go along. For the last 10-15 years it’s been through blogging platform changes, server migrations, theme changes, and other little development experiments.

The next step will be a simple one. Cleaning up the layout slightly.

These changes are going to be implemented:

  • WordPress Twenty Twenty theme. While Jenxi and I are still strong proponents of StudioPress themes, my personal blog has never been a design showcase, rather a test bed for me to play with the annual themes from Automattic, and this trend will continue for now. To see the actual designs Jenxi has crafted, you can check out our work at Rubycoded.
  • A static home page. Twenty Twenty uses really big and bold fonts, so it doesn’t quite fit how I feel the landing page should be. A simple landing page will do.
  • Ditching Contact Form 7 for Jetpack Forms. I’m a longtime Contact Form 7 user, but as with support for the Twenty Twenty theme, I want to keep in touch with developments on the Jetpack front too.

Hope it turns out well.