Don’t be late


I read a great article on the importance of punctuality a while back, and I’m amazed that this isn’t taught at school. Mandatory reading if you ask me.

George Washington’s passion for punctuality was born from his youthful study of “The Rules of Civility” – his repeated copying of maxims like “Undertake not what you cannot Perform but be Careful to keep your Promise.” For Washington, being on time was a way of showing respect to others, and he expected to be treated with the same level of respect in return.

This is something that a lot of folks, especially Malaysians, should read. I say Malaysians because we’re famous for creating the term “Malaysian Time”. Some folks think it’s funny and acceptable, but it’s just plain wrong.

It’s understandable that traffic jams, and bad weather can cause delays, but let’s not forget, when someone is punctual, it means that person has taken the time to factor those things in and left earlier to get there on time. That’s time with the family that has been given up in order to be punctual.