I seem to have forgotten the alphabet


I seem to have forgotten the alphabet

Man, this is probably one of those eerie moments that you realize that something has gone wrong. It’s not like we have to write the alphabet out in A-Z everyday, but I was doing it a few times today to check on my handwriting as I’m thinking of picking up a fountain pen (probably a cheap yellow Lamy), and I realized that I was having trouble writing out the alphabet. I struggled to think what came after “q” as my mind was screaming “QWERTY…Q..W..E..R..T..Y”. I think that’s forever etched in my mind. The funny thing is that I only realized that I missed out the “g” in the middle row much later.


Not sure if it’s a sign of me getting stupid or the fact that the things they taught me in kindergarten are kinda useless, lol. I need to get these dreams of a fountain pen out of my mind, though I suspect I’ll end up with a fountain pen sometime this week. Maybe I’ll re-learn the alphabet after that.



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  1. Matt Avatar

    @JenXi: Ooops. Damn. I really need to re-learn the alphabet :(

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