Let’s not play that game


We don’t have to believe that Apple will make our lives better, cooler, more beautiful. We don’t have to watch the Harry Potter movie (the last one was kinda lame) or every blockbuster that comes out. We don’t have to believe that Victoria’s Secret and H&M will make us sexier, or that we need Lululemon or Gap Body to get fitter, or that we need designer water or Starbucks coffee or Powerbar for health or nourishment, or that we need Bud Light or Heineken to have fun (or get girls).

We don’t need to play. Let’s live instead: everything essential is nearly free anyway.

Via mnmlist.com

This pretty much sums up how I feel about advertising and consumerism today. I don’t claim to be immune to it, and I’m certainly influenced by advertising, but realisation is the first step to solving a problem.

So let’s take that first step.