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mcd-glassesIf you’re fond of collecting McDonalds toys and/or Coke cans, you’ll probably have noticed that McD has recently been offering the Coke can glasses, and they’re pretty cool. My girlfriend, being the lovely happy-go-lucky girl that she is, wanted to collect the lot, which more or less mean that I had a part time job to do.

Anyways, McD required us to buy a large value meal along with an ice cream sundae in order to get the glass free, it’s either that or pay 8 bucks (which I refuse to). I’d already given the sundae away once to a stranger since I don’t really eat ice cream and was going to do it again for the last (dark green) glass. I had approached this nice Malay family at McD and asked them if they preferred strawberry or chocolate flavor for the sundae (the answer was strawberry) and was about to go order the meal (out of greed) when they asked if I was buying it for the glass. Turns out that they already had plenty of those glasses lying around and didn’t want the one that came with their meal, so they passed it along to me and didn’t take want anything else (I did offer several time). So I got the last Coke glass for free, for offering someone free ice cream. I guess it’s one good deed for another, eh? Sure seems a lot more “1Malaysia” than our government’s faux 1Malaysia idea.

Actually, I’ve been noticing quite a few posts on Facebook/Twitter from people asking around for the Coke glasses and paying around RM16-25 (or maybe more) per glass. Sounds like good business actually, heh.

Without further ado, my (girlfriend’s) complete Coke can glass collection:



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  1. george Avatar

    I remember back when the craze were the mc teddy family bears, i had to line up for my mom cos she didn’t want to get out of the car -_- haha

  2. Matt Avatar

    @George: Yeah, don’t forget the Snoopy stuff too, haha. Good money for McD, and we fall for it every time.

  3. Monthy Christopher M. Sunga Avatar
    Monthy Christopher M. Sunga

    this can glass of coke can still be avail in complete set?

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