Moved to Webfaction


Unless I’m mistaken, from the very beginning this blog has been hosted with Exabytes Malaysia. I used a no-frills shared hosting plan along with several other sites of mine. There is a saying that you get what you pay for, so I really shouldn’t have been too surprised that the site would go down every now and then. Considering that there are barely any readers on this blog, it really wasn’t much of an issue.

Recently after I started RubyCoded web development with my partner Jenxi, we realised that we need a more reliable host and scouted around. After going through a many online reviews and trying a few other hosts, including Media Temple and Hawk Host, we finally decided on WebFaction, which was an excellent recommendation by David Wang.

While the WebFaction set up is slightly different form the traditional host that offers a Cpanel interface, everything has been running smoothly so far. In fact, the speeds are awesome, and I haven’t encountered any uptime issues whatsoever. The price is really competitive too.

If WebFaction manages to maintain this level of service and pricing, I’ll be sticking with them for quite a while.


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