Some people have pet pigs


I found out today that some people have pigs are pets. Maybe it’s coming from a Muslim country (Malaysia), but I guess I never entertained the idea of having a pet pig. I also found out that some folks came up with piggy banks that look like actual pigs, though I must say I’m still in favor of the Hungry Pig piggy bank I saw at the Singapore Art Museum. Maybe I should get a piggy bank again, as I’m currently storing all my spare change in a plastic pot (yes, with three tiny holes at the bottom too).

I also found out that some people are plain strange.

I Love Dropbox

I love Dropbox

I’ve been using Dropbox for quite some time now and surprising, there are still a good many people who aren’t familiar with this service. In a nutshell, it’s a service that allows you to keep a folder in sync in various locations, so you’ll be able to access your files stored within anywhere you are (iPhone, other people’s computers, your other computer etc).

While I’ve been using several online storage services before this, one of the main benefits of Dropbox is that the sync is invisible to me. I just drop the files into the folder and Dropbox automatically keeps it synced with the server, using a tiny symbol to indicate if the file is synced or not. While I really wouldn’t suggest you use it to do backups, I must say that it’s a very useful tool to keep your files backed up in the cloud. One more thing, there’s also built-in versioning, so if you delete or screw up a file on your computer, you’ll be able to pull up a previously saved version of it from Dropbox (again: don’t rely on it for backup, though).

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Site is ready to go live!

Woooo!! I never thought I’d actually get this done, but the site is actually ready to go live!

At this point is still incredibly minimal, but I’ve achieved the basic stuff that I set out to go. At this point, I’ve got my theme installed, got the blog running, photo gallery installed, and a contact page setup. Not too bad for a newbie. Now I’ve got WordPress running as a CMS, yay!

There’s still a long way to go, but it’s the first step that’s the hardest, and I’ve managed to do just that!