Slow down


Being in Fast Mode leads to constant switching, and constant busy-ness. It leads to overwork, because when do you switch it off? It leads to exhaustion, because we never give ourselves breathing room.

Learn to recognize when you’re in Fast Mode, and practice switching to Slow Mode now and then. It’s essential to doing all the things that are really important.

Via Zen Habits

As I’m pushing to focus on minimalism, one of the things I need to consciously remind myself is to always slow down. Some may call it stop and smell the roses. The result of rushing and thinking slowly differs greatly. While we’ve been brought up on the notion that hyper productivity is good, sometimes we take it to mean that it’s raw speed. I myself am a fan of productivity and its various techniques, but I think slowing down is a strong skill in terms of productivity itself. After all, being constantly stressed and busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive. It’s also one of the reasons why I’m back to using my iPhone 4 for the moment.

Why not give it a try? Try and slow down when you’re doing something that you usually rush through, be it washing the dishes, replying a customer email, or typing a blog post.

The results might surprise you.


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