Snagged an Aeropress


I’ve been wanting to fiddle around with coffee for a while now. Truth be told, I really shouldn’t, since I feel it’s another one of those hobbies (like fountain pens) that will cost me money, but I figured what the heck.

I purchased a moka pot while I was in France for my honeymoon, but for some reason I’m not getting the kind of coffee I expect from it. I guess either the Italians like their coffee really thick, or I suck at making coffee. The latter is the prevailing theory.

After checking out many reviews online, I figured the Aeropress would be the easiest way to check out coffee, so I got my mom to get be an Aeropress while she was in America. It only costs $26 there, compared to $52 here in Malaysia, essentially giving me a 50% discount.

So far it’s been pretty good, and I’m realising that there are many different methods of brewing a cup of joe using the Aeropress itself, so it’s been fun to fiddle around with that. It’s also pretty interesting to see how people are attached to their Aeropress, like David Smith.

The real reason however is more subtle. I am a very reluctant traveller. I don’t like waking up in a hotel bed, thousands of miles from home. I find the whole experience of being away somewhat unsettling. What I have found, however, is that if I can match and mimic my home routines while I travel I feel much more grounded. Waking up in a strange bed but then going over to the sink and doing the same routine that I would do at home helps ease my travel discomfort. It might be a bit silly but bringing along this little part of home has had a dramatic impact on my enjoyment of travel.

Here’s a pretty useful video I found online demonstrating how to use the Aeropress.


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