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  • Draw Me A Birthday Cake

    I haven’t doodled in a while, and was trying to figure out what to doodle. It so happens that sometimes ideas are presented to me instead of coming up with them myself. The Oatmeal has been doodling snarky pictures of people on Facebook for a while now, which I find pretty cool. With Facebook now…

  • Where I Paste Post-it Notes

    I take the the train to work daily, but on the rare occasion that I drive to work, I run the risk of forgetting that I drove to work and end up taking the train home, leaving my car behind. Hilariously, this has happened more than once. I was figuring out how to “not leave…

  • Childhood Snacks

    Have you ever been so in love with some snack when you we’re a kid? You’d bug your parents to buy it whenever you could, and you’d buy it whenever you had money. And then someday, because your parents deemed it unhealthy or it wasn’t being sold anymore, it disappeared from your life. You searched…

  • Taking The Train

    …and I get home in twenty minutes.

  • Ninja backflip