Day One

I was reading a post on Brian Gardner’s blog and suddenly had the urge to blog about Day One. No, I can’t really explain why. I’ve never been a big fan of journaling for reasons that include: Why would I want to read my own musings? If I actually wrote my private thoughts, I’m always… Continue reading Day One

DocScanner For iOS: My Portable Scanner

I’m a big fan of scanning things in order to reduce clutter. Some might argue that I’m merely converting physical clutter into digital clutter, but that’s a debate for another day. I’ve tried various methods to always have a portable scanner with me, including getting a non-branded version of the IRIScan Book 2. In the… Continue reading DocScanner For iOS: My Portable Scanner

Evernote 5 for iOS: First Impressions

It was only about a week ago that Evernote teased an update to Evernote for iOS, with a new interface being one of the main features. Now Evernote 5 is finally here, and I took it for a spin. Here are my initial impressions after fiddling with it for less than a day.