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  • How I Use Evernote

    I’m a bit of an Evernote junkie, so a lot of my friends tend to ask me how I use Evernote. I’ll be the first to admit, aside from using it as a digital memo pad, the uses of it aren’t obvious from the get go. It was only after experimenting with different methods and […]

  • The Best Tablet Out There (Q4 2012)

    I rarely blog, but nowadays when I do, it’s to write down an answer to a question that people tend to ask me, so that I don’t have to keep re-typing my answer, and can point people to this post instead. It’s amazing how much effort a lazy person can put into getting out of […]

  • How I fix computers

    All sorts of funny stuff is served to me everyday via Facebook, and I found this image over at TheNextWeb particularly hilarious, mostly because it’s true. My point is, in this day and age, the solution to most of our “computer problems” can be found via Google, and the ability to “find the solution and […]

  • I Love Dropbox

    I’ve been using Dropbox for quite some time now and surprising, there are still a good many people who aren’t familiar with this service. In a nutshell, it’s a service that allows you to keep a folder in sync in various locations, so you’ll be able to access your files stored within anywhere you are […]