When the topic of reading books is brought up, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the activity of studying or learning. While it’s true that you learn a lot from reading books, but that’s not the only use of it.

These are the other important things I gain from reading.


As we read, we’re constantly trying to improve ourselves, reaffirm certain values, remind ourselves of certain things. Reading the right books will help us align with our goal and work towards the success we’re aiming for.


As we go through life, we’ll get beat down,  discouraged, and disheartened. Books can help remind us that we’re not alone in all this, that many others are facing similar challenges, and reenergise us to keep going when we need to.


I often like to take a walk to brainstorm ideas, as it helps me think, but reading is also a great tool to help me generate ideas. Often it’s not the actual idea in the book that is the idea I take away, rather it serves as a catalyst for my new idea.

Reading recommendations

I’ll be preparing a list of the books I’ve read or will be reading, but in the meantime, three of the books I highly recommend to read are: