Bypass Malaysia’s PirateBay Censorship Using Google DNS

Image courtesy of The Star Online Malaysia


If you’re a Malaysian (or are familiar with happenings in Malaysia), you’ll probably know about the recent issue of the Malaysian government blocking access to file sharing sites such as ThePirateBay, MegaUpload, and some others. While some people may agree that ThePirateBay should be blocked due to its ability to help folks get hold of pirated content, MegaUpload is a commonly used tool by many people, not to mention businesses too, to share large files, so this isn’t a very smart move.

Fortunately the solution isn’t too hard, though you’ll need to get your hands a little dirty. Thanks the Google DNS, you can use a public DNS instead of what Unifi/StreamyX is offering you. Google suggests that you use (primary) and (secondary) for your DNS servers (and this works for me), though some folks tell me that it should be (primary, Streamyx’s) and (secondary), but it doens’t seem to work for me, though you might want to experiment on your own. Additional reading on using Google’s DNS. Continue reading “Bypass Malaysia’s PirateBay Censorship Using Google DNS”

McD Coke Can Glass

mcd-glassesIf you’re fond of collecting McDonalds toys and/or Coke cans, you’ll probably have noticed that McD has recently been offering the Coke can glasses, and they’re pretty cool. My girlfriend, being the lovely happy-go-lucky girl that she is, wanted to collect the lot, which more or less mean that I had a part time job to do.

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I seem to have forgotten the alphabet

I seem to have forgotten the alphabet

Man, this is probably one of those eerie moments that you realize that something has gone wrong. It’s not like we have to write the alphabet out in A-Z everyday, but I was doing it a few times today to check on my handwriting as I’m thinking of picking up a fountain pen (probably a cheap yellow Lamy), and I realized that I was having trouble writing out the alphabet. I struggled to think what came after “q” as my mind was screaming “QWERTY…Q..W..E..R..T..Y”. I think that’s forever etched in my mind. The funny thing is that I only realized that I missed out the “g” in the middle row much later.


Not sure if it’s a sign of me getting stupid or the fact that the things they taught me in kindergarten are kinda useless, lol. I need to get these dreams of a fountain pen out of my mind, though I suspect I’ll end up with a fountain pen sometime this week. Maybe I’ll re-learn the alphabet after that.