Buying A Newspaper

buying-a-newspaperIt’s been repeated so often and in so many places that it’s always important to have the proper perspective.

When I’m at work, I often remind myself that I need to take a few steps back and review everything from a different perspective, not just from my vantage point of someone busy working on something within the company.

That being said, every now and then I pick up a little reminder on the importance of perspective.

I was browsing Twitter again, since I recently started reading Hatching Twitter, and noticed a tweet by Sir Richard Branson.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal and I was scratching my head wondering why he was talking about buying a newspaper, after all, most folks do that daily. Then it smacked me that he was talking about buying an actual newspaper publication company!

Based on his comments, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t serious about buying the newspaper, but I remind myself that this is a man who founded and owns (or in some case so owned) a magazine, record labels, an airline, and several other companies.

Buying a newspaper. Depending on your perspective, it could mean something entirely different.

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