iCloud sync is still way too slow


I recently switched my calendars, contacts, notes, and to-do list back to iCloud.

My original set up was:
Calendars: Google
Contacts: Google
Notes: Simplenote
To-do list: Wunderlist

After the switch it looked like this:

Calendars: iCloud
Contacts: iCloud
Notes: iCloud
To-do list: iCloud

After about a week of this, I’ve made the following observations:

  • I’m much happier with my calendaring and contacts on iCloud. This is especially true when I’m using a shared calendar with my wife. It just feels like a better user experience.
  • iCloud sync is still horribly slow. This is the major killer. It’s slow! This lag causes conflicts and information loss. It’s less of an issue on contacts and calendars since I can wait for those to sync, but on note taking apps and to-do lists, that’s unforgivable. I’m pretty close to switching back to Simplenote and Wunderlist for my notes and to-do lists respectively. The sync on those two services is almost instantaneous, and works seamlessly. In 2014, there is basically no excuse for such a core service such as iCloud to be syncing at the speed it currently is. The added fact that Wunderlist 3 was just launched a few days ago with Real-time Sync just makes me want to switch back even more.

I’m doing my best to continue with this experiment of staying within Apple’s ecosystem, but I suspect I’ll be back on Simplenote and Wunderlist before the month is out, which would be a disappointing result. I’m going to sacrifice some battery life to enable push-syncing of my iCloud services to see if it helps, but I really shouldn’t have to, and I doubt it’ll help much.

Apple really needs to buck up on its web services.


4 responses to “iCloud sync is still way too slow”

    1. Matthew Chung Avatar

      That’s one way to look at it. Though I doubt it’ll change things much. I’ll probably go back to Simplenote and Wunderlist, and experiment again when iCloud Drive is fully rolled out.

        1. matt Avatar

          I’m already back on Wunderlist and Simplenote. No competition at all.

          I might eventually try Drafts, though it’s a starting point, not the actual note/task app itself.

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