Prevent unwanted tagging in Facebook


We’ve all been there before: You’ve done something stupid at a party and your friends went to upload the photo and tag you in it. Not too big a deal, until you consider the fact that sometimes your family members are connected to you on Facebook or you use some loose privacy settings which allows your prospective employer to sniff your real-life (read: non-resume) details.

As for myself, I just really hate it when people tag me on their advertisement banners.

Anyways, the good news is that Facebook has (finally) introduced Profile Review, which gives you the ability to review posts where friends tag you before they appear on your profile. While that’s great news, it’s worth noting that this just means that the tagged post won’t show up on your profile, and can still be accessed by folks who happen to chance upon the post (either via a friend’s network or some other way).

If you want to enable it for your Facebook account, just go to Account->Privacy Settings->How Tags Work->Edit Settings->Profile Review.

This solution probably won’t make everybody happy, but I personally think that it’s a step in the right direction, so it’s definitely a thumbs up to Facebook from me.


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