V for Vendetta and the Malaysian Government

I had some free time last night so I took the chance to check out the movie V for Vendetta as I remember reading some things about it recently. In case you’re wondering why I’m watching a movie a good 5 years late, I tend to do that all the time. I was commenting on the parallels that I found between the government in the movie and the government in Malaysia when my cousin (who is studying overseas) asked if it was that bad here. It served as a strong reminder to me that most Malaysians (locally and internationally) haven’t really seen how badly our rights have been trampled upon. I write this not as a supporter of a specific political party, but as your average Malaysian.

Note: There are some references to the movie below (obviously), but if you understand what a totalitarian government is about, there aren’t any spoilers. Not to mention, it’s a 5-year old movie, so most people have probably watched it :)

As as I always tell my customers, I’ll post this in point-form, as it gets the message across in a simple and easy-to-read format. I’d just like to mention some of the similarities and differences that I saw between the Norsefire (NS) government in the movie and our present Malaysian Barisan Nasional (National Front/BN) government:

Controlled media:

NS: Yes

BN: Yes

News spin (twisting the facts/truth), Propaganda:

NS: Yes

BN: Yes

Corrupt Government Officials:

NS: Yes

BN: Yes (too many to list)

The absolute fear of a specific date:

NS: Yes.

BN: Yes. 916, 709.

Secret police detaining people on whim:

NS: Yes

BN: Yes (Though it’s actually not-so-secret police)

No tolerance for dissent:

NS: Yes

BN: Yes

Deliberately causing chaos to spread fear amongst the people:

NS: Yes

BN: Yes. Molotov cocktails into churches, firing the water cannon into a hospital, raiding churches, etc.


NS: Yes

BN: Yes

Brainwashing camps:

NS: Yes

BN: Yes

Banning of the colour yellow:

NS: No

BN: Yes (Oops!)

The list of similarities goes on and on, but fortunately, there are some good parallels, such as:


NS: V, The People, an idea (I call it the dream)

Malaysia: The People (Rakyat) who are slowly awakening

It’s a short list of positives against a long list of depressing facts, but I’d like to think that even a short list of positives can eventually overcome that long list of negatives, as long as we don’t give up.

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2 responses to “V for Vendetta and the Malaysian Government”

  1. Yuen-Chi Lian Avatar

    I have watched this movie for maybe about 30 times or could even be close to 50. I have developed a strong feeling towards Evie, just like how Anakin dreams about Padme every day…

    Back to this post, those who have watched movie should share the same sentiment with you.


    1. Matt Avatar

      Yeah, it’s a great movie! :D

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