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On Evernote alternatives

A while back I wrote a post on how I use Evernote.

A few days ago, Evernote announced a pretty significant price/plan change. To overly simplify the changes, you’re basically encouraged to upgrade to a paid plan, which now costs more as well.

I don’t have any objection to paid plans, after all, they need revenue in order to stay in business, but the product itself hasn’t changed or improved much over the years. Colin posted some good thoughts on this.

A while back, it deteriorated significantly that I started to switch away, but say what you will about Evernote, but depending on your use case, it’s hard to find a decent competitor.

Key features of Evernote I need (without taking into account stability etc) are:

  • Web clipping
  • Note links
  • Offline notes
  • Rich content notes

While the alternatives out there like Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote do a great job, they’re all lacking a little in specific areas, which really makes it hard to leave Evernote.

Looking forward, I’m hoping Evernote continues to improve its product and service (which does seem to be happening) to justify the new price tag. Though at the same time, I hope some decent alternatives start to crop up. Competition is always good.

Side note: On the basis of pure text notes, Simplenote is the undisputed king for me.


McD was there for me

But I want the strategy to work. All I know is that when I needed McDonald’s, McDonald’s was there for me. When no one else was.

via McDonald’s was there for me when no one else was – The Washington Post

I really like this piece by James Franco about McDonald’s. Say what you will about McDonald’s, but one thing I’ve always loved about McDonald’s is that it provided some comfort no matter where you were. If you’re traveling in some part of China and need to just step away from it all, eat something familiar, McDonald’s is the place to go. There have been many times where I just needed a place to sit, without going into the topic of whether I should buy anything or not.


The earth would probably be better off without humans

This indicates to researchers that chronic exposure to radiation from the explosion has had no impact on overall mammal populations. Whatever fallout may have come from the initial explosion was completely offset by the benefits of life without humans.

via In eerie emptiness of Chernobyl’s towns, wildlife flourishing

Call me super villan crazy, but I often feel that the world would be much better off without humans pillaging the land of its natural resources for material gains.


On Evernote’s recent troubles

I’ve used and loved Evernote for a long time. However over the past year, I’ve been making many attempts to migrate away from it. It’s not exactly one specific reason/issue that is causing me to move away, but many little quirks that give you the feeling of death by a thousand cuts. Sadly they’ve also killed Evernote Food which I quite liked, but that’s understandable, as it always felt like some kind of a side project.

Nowadays I seldom use Skitch or Penultimate, as they now feel clunky and troublesome. It’s not entirely Evernote’s fault, as there are other factors that count against it, such as the current version of OS X offering pretty good annotation fools, and a solid Notes app. However, Evernote’s feature set is still powerful enough that they should be able to get through this tough period.

via Thoughts on Evernote’s recent troubles – BakingPixel

Some of my latest views on Evernote.

Productivity RubyCoded

Silly mistakes when managing projects

The fundamental problem I was facing was that I acting like a freelancer instead of a business owner.

I didn’t have refined processes for client management, outsourcing work, and managing projects.

It certainly takes time to think about your business and build out processes for it.

At the same time, you’ll benefit from moving from a freelancer to a business that has the potential to scale beyond the 24 hours in your day.

via 4 Ridiculously Obvious Mistakes I Made Building WordPress Sites for Clients – WPMU DEV

I’m basically guilty of all of these issues while running RubyCoded. Plenty of room to improve, and we’ll keep improving.