Meeting with Boey

Most of you may or may not already know of Boey from, but if you don’t, he’s basically a cool artist who doodles some awesome stuff and is famous for his cups (seriously, styrofoam cups!)

Anyways, the timing was fortunate enough and we managed to catch up over a cup of coffee (tea, really) while he’s briefly back in Malaysia and doing his meet-the-fans thing in his spare time. Moms out there are probably screaming the usual “don’t meet up with random strangers from the Internet”, but I basically just trust that humans are good people and take a chance, lol.

Anyways, I learnt all sorts of cool tidbits from him, especially with his experience in art. Two interesting things I learnt, though:

#1: There’s a cool awesome handheld scanner that can make scanning my doodles a LOT easier. Sure seems like a much better idea than trying to cram my doodle book into my printer/scanner or holding the book in my left hand while snapping a picture of it with my right hand. I didn’t see the Iris brand being sold here, but I did find a cheap China knockoff for about a third in price (after taking into account shipping.) It’s still not cheap, but perhaps I’ll save up slowly for the real thing.

#2: If you’re planning on paying the bill for drinks, don’t-ever-go-to-the-toilet. Seriously, don’t.

Anyways, I had fun, met a new friend, and dropped Boey off at his next destination after our chat for him to continue his journey and meet up with the next fan.


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