Should I modify my stickmen?


I’ve been wondering if I should tweak the way my stickmen look for a long time now and decided to experiment with various different styles. One of the main reasons for the change would be the lack of facial expressions or clothing. While clothing generally isn’t a big deal, it did cause me some trouble when I wanted to doodle something about Steve Jobs (I couldn’t figure out the turtleneck), which is one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged about his passing yet. The facial expressions are obviously important, as I’m sometimes limited by the lack of it, though I guess that is a creative challenge which I should enjoy.

I’ve been fiddling with various styles, some from, Cyanide & Happiness, The Doghouse Diaries, and some of my own. I probably won’t make the change anytime soon, but it was fun doodling different styles anyways :)


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