Switching back to iCloud

Every now and then I get the itch to switch my contacts and calendaring back to iCloud. I was using iCloud for contacts and calendaring a while back, but decided to switch to Google because:

  • I trust Google’s sync expertise a lot more.
  • If I ever decide to switch to Android or get a secondary phone, it’s easy to keep my contacts and calendars in sync. China’s Xiaomi is a constant source of temptation.

But with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 just around the corner, I guess I’ve been given enough incentive to switch back. Some of the reasons that made me decide to switch back include:

  • I want to see how well Apple’s devices are services work together in 2014.
  • My contacts/calendar sync with Google on iOS was getting messy, it was time to clean up, so it was a good time as any to migrate.
  • While I’m not a serious privacy buff, I have been increasingly frustrated with Google and Facebook’s privacy policies.

While doing that (and performing a hard reset on my iPhone), I decided to go one step further and switch back from Wunderlist and Simplenote to Apple’s Reminders and Notes respectively. Switching from Simplenote was particularly sad since I really love it as a product and the sync totally beats Apple’s implementation hands down, but I’m going to soldier ahead at least until I’ve had a good few months with iOS 8 later this year and review it.

Let’s see how things go.

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3 responses to “Switching back to iCloud”

  1. Jenxi Avatar

    Continuity FTW!

    1. Matt Avatar

      I actually don’t think I’ll use that too much, but I hope it works as advertised. I might!

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