How to get TrueCrypt working on OS X Lion

While Apple’s latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is a really interesting update, there are still many kinks to be smoothed out and for folks like me who dived right in, you might that find some things don’t “just work” anymore. I found out the painful way that TrueCrypt wasn’t able to mount my encrypted volume anymore. This wasn’t too big an issue as I could mount the volume on my Windows machine, but it’s worth noting that there is a solution to this.

It’s worth noting that I’m not sure if the steps below did it for me, or the fact that I uninstalled NTFS-3G, but either way, now you know there are two things I did. Aside from removing NTFS-3G, I did the following:

  1. Download and install TrueCrypt 7.0a for Mac
  2. Download and install this version of MacFuse. If you haven’t upgraded to Lion yet, you might want to remove MacFuse before updating as I had issues uninstalling it after updating to Lion.
  3. Reboot (some folks say this isn’t necessary)
  4. Enjoy!

With the instructions above, I managed to get TrueCrypt working again, and hope it works for you too!


Update 17th Feb 2014: I’ve just got a new MacBook Pro with Mavericks preinstalled, and used the steps above but installed TrueCrypt 7.1a and MacFUSE 2.0.3. Works like a charm.


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  1. Thank you! Your instructions worked for me. I was quite worried initially when I upgrade to Lion and couldn’t access my TrueCrypt volumes…
    Btw, reading the FAQ ( it looks like the uninstall for MacFuse from the System Preferences Pane works ok – it’s just the Preferences Pane itself that remains. A bit weird… but the uninstall does work.

    1. Glad it helped! Thanks for the tip! I eventually migrated my TrueCrypt volumes to another file system, so that there are less hassles, haha :) Didn’t want to deal with the issues of NTFS. Have a great day!

  2. I see that you since “migrated” your truCrypt Volumes to another file system. would you mind sharing what filesystem you choose and why. I was considering something simular and have been expriementing with exFat.

    1. Hi Jason,

      Sorry for the late reply!

      That’s a good question. I was considering exFat too, but I was worried about support on some older machines, so I just stuck with FAT, which was the lazy man’s way of doing it. Probably not the best idea, but it’s working fine for me :)

  3. Hi!

    I have brew installed, do you have it too? I can`t get ntfs-3g working along with MacFUSE, since ntfs-3g installs OSXFUSE, which supersedes MacFUSE. I’m pulling my hair off!

    Any help?


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